Issue 36 (2021)

We welcome you to enjoy our first ever digital issue of the Brooklyn Review Issue 36!


Cover art: “Captive Study 6: Ricky Jackson, 14228 Days” by Max King Cap

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Issue 35 (2020)

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Brooklyn Review Issue 35 Cover
Cover art: “Glass Drawing X” by Céleste Cebra.

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Issue 35 of The Brooklyn Review is available now. While the magazine is free to all our readers, 100% of donations will go in equal measure to Equality For Flatbush and The Okra Project. Click here to place your order.

This issue, produced in April, cannot speak for the extraordinary efforts of anti-racist protesters on the ground. We hope instead to amplify and reinforce their actions in material ways. Most of all, we encourage everyone to march, fight, feed, heal, donate, read, and learn—whatever each of us can do to end white supremacy in every institution, from policing to publishing houses. Thank you.

Featuring Susan Choi, Chris Campanioni, Wynne Hungerford, Monroe Lawrence, Taisia Kitaiskaia, Karan Mahajan, Joanna Glum, Tobi Kassim, Madeleiene Barnes, Pema Tseden, Ayesha Raees, Margaret Wright, James Chrisman, Ally Harris, Cara Scarmack, and much more.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Resources to Support the Minneapolis Protests

Black Visions Collective – Donate

Reclaim the Block – Donate

New York City-Metro Area

Communities United for Police Reform

The Audre Lorde Project

The Black Feminist Project


Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources

An Anti-Racist Reading List

Black History Month Library

Center for Racial Justice’s Resources for Talking About Race, Racism, and Racialized Violence with Kids

The Marshall Project Reading List

Black-Owned Bookstores

Thanks to our friends at The Journal for helping to compile these resources. Read the future you wish to see.

Issue 34 (2019)

Issue 33 (2018)

Issue 32 (2017)

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