The Brooklyn Review was founded almost thirty years ago and is run by the students and faculty of the Brooklyn College MFA Program. In the past, we have published works by Allen Ginsberg, Paul Beatty, Eileen Myles, Helen Phillips, Wayne Koestenbaum, Mac Wellman, Young Jean Lee, Lisa Ko, Ann Lauterbach, and Tommy Pico, among others. Stories appearing in our pages have won awards, including the PEN / Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize, and the poems have been anthologized in the Best American Poetry series.

We publish one print issue a year, in the spring, and digital content on a rolling basis. You can also order copies of our current issue here.


Editors: Liz Robau, Tom Kozlowski

Poetry Editor: Tom Kozlowski

Contributing Poetry Editors: Alex Kamerling, Kennia Lopez, Anneysa Gaille, Liz Hickman, Chime Lama, Emily Browne & Joshua Wilkerson

Playwriting Editors: Anna Langman & Bailey Williams

Fiction Editor: Jessie Shabin

Contributing Fiction Editors:  Adrienne Wong, Dana Wilson, David Olesky, Dennis Lu, Dan-Tran Cong-Huyen, Wadzanai Mhute, Naphisa Senanarong, Taylor Clarke, Kala Jerzy, Nalea Ko, Chelsea Baumgarten 

Nonfiction Editors: Monique Ngozi Nri, Peter Soucy

Visual Arts Editors: Anneysa Gaille, Joshua Wilkerson

Illustrations Editor: Chime Lama

Social Media Editor: Peter Soucy

Editors-at-Large: Jivin Misra, Elizabeth Sobel, Erika Kielsgard, Alyssa Northrop, Jenzo DuQue, Bryan Chonto

Faculty Advisor: Bonnie Harris

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