Nervous Break

National Guard units have mobilized
On a syndicated game show. Today

Contestants shoot up a dental lab
With machine guns. I can feel it burn.

Through the power of suggestion alone
We see the quantity of fried chicken grow.

I got here and there were 700 people in line.
Massive liquidity courtesy of central banks

Ceaselessly and self-referentially disclosing
Sensitive data stored on personal computers.

Beachcombers in an old-timey dining hall
Meet, paint the cars with spray cans, rock

Hips on thin blood and chew zinc.  There
Are condominiums where pharma reps

And distant lovers sleep in beds. Carnivals
Cruise. Flu season blooms in the conscious.

Boona Daroom‘s work has appeared in Lit, Softblow, Monday Night, among other places. He lives in Brooklyn.