My Schedule


I clean out the fridge and

scrub the stove. My mom keeps saying

you have no idea how

happy this makes me so I leave


for New York for like

a week and for instance

on the train these girls ask a guy

if they passed Times Square already


I fell asleep, the guy says

rode the train all the way to

Bay Ridge so now you’re on

my schedule. So like we

just stay on this train?


and even at the bar

through the front window

I think I see someone

I know      it’s impossible



Public Library


All the people who came in

and left the Chinese restaurant

without saying a word


and I equally said nothing

or took a picture of

lunch: they are here


now. Sitting at a broken

computer that might work

for all I know on a damp floor.


It is just one girl, full

disclosure: wearing

a pink hat. She is dancing


with her elbows and raining

outside. It seems we both

come from that restaurant.



Nick Chrastil is from Minneapolis, MN. He is currently studying journalism and history at Louisiana State University.