“Untitled” by Allyson Joan Erwin

Land a man in a/landscape and he’ll try to conquer it – War of the Foxes by Richard Siken


a stone in the atchafalaya​​ 

swamp, face half submerged​​ 

in a portal, offer goodbyes to great blue​​ 

herons flying​​ 

requires same​​ 


as dying marigolds planted in prayer

erosion unpins desire for oxygen​​ 



no inquiries into disappearances

none shall stand​​ 

trial​​  on Earth anyway

no justice for flesh​​ 

only abolition of grief​​ 


eat dust that works hard​​ 

to be​​  

a ghost









the way wind demands​​   water never moves

so what  is there to believe? have faith

in the ocean, in swells and calls. sun banished

thinned ozone, line left to stop

heat. reach for the sea  remember it

ancient and deeper than us. go ahead​​  assume​​ 

water isn’t a god. we don’t understand​​ 

muchexcept extinction









think about coffins​​  documents​​ 

of deathby now​​   

many have been taken

what does it all amount to?

we mistook Israfil’s horn blast

for a gunshot


yet look quick​​ 

how plumerias sweep

over the West









How I am to become a legend, my dear? - Meditations in an Emergency, Frank O’Hara


to be exiled to be​​ 

drunk on a bar stool in New York to be locked​​ 

in a neon dimension with whiskey rotting​​ 

the last time New York still breathes​​ 

quarantine up and down Bowery​​ 

hunt spells to resurrect the dead​​ 

too late to go home darling



our head and pray

to be​​ 

the spider plucked​​ 

from your mouth by God


mónica teresa ortiz was born and raised in Texas. The author of muted blood, published by Black Radish Books in 2018, and winner of the inaugural Host Publications Chapbook Prize, autobiography of a semiromantic anarchist, published in 2019, ortiz currently lives in the Texas Panhandle.

Allyson Joan Erwin is an interdisciplinary artist from Florida.