untitled paper collage by allison anne

Karl  Michael  Iglesias  is  an  actor,  director,  and  writer  originally  from Milwaukee, WI. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin and First Wave Hip  Hop  Theater  Ensemble,  he continues his exploration of verse and heightened language in the theater.  His  poetry  can  be  found  in  Apogee,  The Acentos Review, The Breakwater Review, The Florida Review, RHINO Poetry, Kweli  Journal,  Breakbeat  Poets  Vol.  4:  LatiNext  (Haymarket  Books,  2020), and The Westchester Review. Karl’s debut collection CATCH A GLOW is available now under Finishing Line Press. He resides in Brooklyn, New York.

allison anne is collagist, mixed media artist + graphic designer from minneapolis, minnesota. their creative work – a result of years of self-directed experimentation with many traditional and digital mediums – creates a unique perspective often expressed through recycled, found, or reclaimed materials. this paper collage work explores trauma, memory, sensation — weaving together bits and pieces from a variety of sources to plumb the depths. allison’s visual art has been seen at venues across the united states and has been featured in numerous publications. in 2018, they co-founded twin cities collage collective with several other collage artists in the twin cities. learn more at allisonanne.com.