Ronald Walker, “Unwanted.” 11 x14 inch, gouche on board, 2019

Cara Scarmack is a theater-maker based in NYC. She has written and directed her plays: BETTER NOT TOUCH THAT; WHAT HAPPENED IN OHIO/OHIO, REVISITED; BEFORE YOU GET TOO FAR AFIELD; and THE TURTLE POND WAS A FAIL (currently in development). Scarmack’s play SOME HIGHER GLIMMER IN OUR LANDSCAPE OF FLAT was selected for the 2016/17 Bushwick Starr Reading Series. Buran Theatre presented GLIMMER at the Collapsable Hole in 2018, with Sarah Hughes directing. Scarmack was Buran Theatre’s inaugural CartHorse Fellow, a Dixon Place Artist-in-Residence, and a Leslie Scalapino Prize Finalist. She is a New Georges affiliated artist, a founding member of the writing/performance collective Wook Taut Majesty, an alum of Target Margin’s Institute for Collaborative Theater-Making, and an alum of the Brooklyn College MFA playwriting program.