Two Poems | Kayla Krut

Grizzly Peak shows Mount Diablo in the distance: the last time they think a grizzly killed a man was 1865, Strawberry Canyon. This was also the last reported sighting. The dregs of that canyon’s creek slices Berkeley campus. They killed the biggest ever found in California in Valley Center earlier […]

The Takes | Heather Keton

Heather Keaton Painting

2016, 48″ x 48″, oil on canvas. Heather Keton has been painting since childhood, when she was gifted a class in landscape oil painting and realized that combining birch trees and fireworks makes people uncomfortable. She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she focused on writing, […]

Lean Away

Review: ‘After Birth’ by Elisa Albert. In 2013, there were murmurs of a new feminist manifesto emboldening women across the nation, reviving a stalled second-wave feminism. You might have heard it whispered by the women leaving book club meetings, heard it from the lips of Sheryl Sandberg herself, heard it […]